Case Results

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  • Charge Dismissed
    2nd Degree Robbery & Assault Likely to Produce GBI ( Felony-Strike Offense)

    Got client released from custody (over DA’s objection) while he fought his case “on the outside.” At preliminary hearing, got the robbery charge dismissed. Shortly thereafter negotiated disposition for a misdemeanor charge and probation with no jail time.

  • Charge Reduced
    Arson & Insurance Fraud ( Felony-Strike Offense)
    Reduced client case from a felony & strike to misdemeanor informal probation and dismissing spouses' case after ongoing negotiations with the District Attorney.
  • Plea Deal
    Attempted Murder W/ Gun Enhancement ( Felony-Strike Offense)

    Client was facing 39+ yrs with an Attempt murder charge. Instead, negotiated a plea deal of 6 years on an Assault charge after an investigation showed witness may have been mistaken about what they saw.

  • Case Reduced
    Corporal Injury to Spouse / Cohabitant (Domestic Violence Charges)

    Got client’s case reduced to a disturbing the peace infraction (ticket/fine) after showing “victim” was primary aggressor and under the influence at the time of incident.

  • Case Dismissed
    Cruelty to a Child (Misdo)
    After fighting his case for 2 years with previous attorney, we took over client’s case, and within 6 months, got case dismissed with diversion of 12 anger management classes.
  • Charge Dismissed
    Cultivation of Marijuana (Misdo)

    District Attorney agreed to drop charges after providing case law and filing motion to dismiss on eve of trial.