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The law defines homicide as the act of one human behaving in a manner that ends up killing another person. However, it is important to know that homicide is not always a case of murder.

In an overwhelming number of cases, the tragic death of the victim is an accident. In other cases, the death might have been caused by either involuntary or voluntary manslaughter, or it may have even resulted from negligence.

While the fatality is undeniably a sorrowful consequence, it is not always the fault of the defendant, but could be a complete accident. If you are facing such charges, there is no time to lose. Immediately get in touch with our homicide lawyer in Victorville so that the Holistic Legal can start building a case to defend you.

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The Rule of Felony-Murder

One major complication with California state laws is the rule regarding felony-murder. What this means is that, if the defendant kills someone as they were involved in a prescribed felony, that defendant is still counted as a murderer, even if the technical death was an accident. Murder has been defined by having a willful plan, previously devised, to kill someone. However, this rule does not apply to the felony-murder rules. Even if the death did not involve past planning and willful killing, the act of the felony itself involved intention, so the death is still counted as a first-degree murder.

Under this law, crimes which are included as being murders of the first-degree include those which involve the death of someone during the event of felonies such as:

Even if you are not charged with a first-degree felony-murder, certain other acts which have not been specified under the felony-murder law could result in you being charged on a case-by-case basis for second-degree felony-murder, so long as the felony is considered as inherently being dangerous.

Penalties for Homicide

There is no single penalty charged across the board for homicide because there are so many different levels of criminal charges. For example, if you are convicted of committing first-degree murder, you will most likely be facing 25 years in prison, or a life sentence. If you are found guilty of capital murder, however, you might have a death penalty placed upon you. This is why it is crucial to get aggressive criminal defense as quickly as possible.

Reaching Out for Powerful Advocacy

No one can deny that homicides are tragic events that often could have been avoided. However, too often homicide cases create additional victims out of defendants. Plenty of innocent people have been accused of a crime they were never part of, or committed by accident of an outburst of passion. Without a powerful homicide attorney in Victorville, however, it can be difficult to prove their innocence or diminished culpability. Reach out to Attorney Parag P. Shah today who has the legal experience you need on your side.

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