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Being wrongfully accused of any crime is a painful experience, but being charged for a sex crime is one of the most difficult imaginable. Due to the complexity of sex-related crimes, along with the usual stereotyping and bias from the prosecution, the clamoring disparagement from media, and the inherent fear and disgust on the side of the jury, it is almost impossible to defend yourself from a sex crime charge on your own.

In these emotionally charged cases, it is of the highest importance to obtain the advocacy of a law firm which is prepared to powerfully deliver a strong criminal defense. You can trust in the extensive knowledge and experience of our Victorville sex crime attorney to develop an aggressive strategy for your case.

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The Major Types of Sex Related Crimes

Under the California Penal Code, there are multiple kinds and variances of offenses which are related to sexual misbehavior and violence.

Some of the types of crimes which violate this code include:

  • Committing rape
  • Committing statutory rape, otherwise known as having intercourse with any person who is less than 18 years old
  • Possessing obscene materials, online or on other media, particularly child pornography
  • Molesting a minor or a child who is less than 18 years old
  • Performing lewd acts against a child who is under the age of 14
  • Performing lewd acts against a child who is in between the ages of 14 and 15
  • Neglecting to go to the local law enforcement to register as a sex offender
  • Committing indecent or lewd exposure in a public place
  • Any form of sexual battery, meaning being involved in a violent, forcible sexual behavior outside of intercourse
  • Soliciting a prostitute
  • Committing oral copulation

What is Considered Statutory Rape in California?

Statutory rape in California is when anyone has sexual intercourse with a person under eighteen. The victim cannot be the guilty person's spouse. There are plenty of ways that you can be punished for committing this crime such as you having to pay fines and jail time depending on the age range between you and the victim. If you're over twenty-one and the other person is under sixteen, you can serve up to four years in state prison and pay fines exceeding $25,000 (including a civil penalty) or you can be sentenced to both a fine and prison.

Penalties of Sex Crimes Within California

For those who have been deemed guilty of committing a sexual offense within the state of California, there are extremely severe penalties in store. Jail and prison sentences tend to be much longer and have high fines attached to them. However, one of the worst consequences of being convicted of a sex crime is the fact that even after you have served your time and received the full penalty of your charge, you will be subject to extremely strict consequences even when you are released.

Sex Offender Registration

In most cases, courts demand that a person convicted for a sex crime register as a sex offender. Under Section 290 of the Penal Code, you will be required to constantly check in with the enforcement agency most local to you, for the entire length that you are a resident of California. Moreover, your full name and personal information, such as your address, number, and even profile photograph, will be placed on a public website listing sex offenders. This means that anyone can view your status, whether a current or future employer or a member of your board of education. You could be limited from gaining housing, and will always face the terrible stigma of this offense. Any ties to family and friends will almost always be irrevocably damaged.

Additionally, if you ever forget or neglect to register with the Department of Justice, you can then receive new criminal charges for not following Section 290 of the Penal Code. This is why our Victorville sex crime lawyer is ready to defend you aggressively, so that you can avoid such painful, extended consequences.

Do all Sex Offenders Have to Wear GPS Monitors in California?

In California, all sex offenders must wear GPS monitors that track their movements, and they must continue to check in with parole agents. But they must now also attend therapy sessions and undergo polygraph testing about their sexual behavior and compliance with treatment. The factors that play into this are the therapists, and the offenders’ scores on actuarial tables used to gauge the risk that they will reoffend. In addition, there are now four levels of supervision instead of two, and variations within those levels. For instance, high-risk parolees who are homeless now require three surprise visits by an agent each month rather than two, and a new category of lowest-risk parolee is seen once a month rather than twice. There are also 4 levels of supervision instead of two, and variations within those levels. high-risk parolees who are homeless now require three surprise visits by an agent each month rather than two, and a new category of lowest-risk parolee is seen once a month rather than twice.

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