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  • Mr. Shah is very efficient, informative, and helpful with his job.

    Mr. Shah is very efficient, informative, and helpful with his job. I highly recommend him he was very helpful to me and made sure to keep me updated and contacted.

    - Alena

  • My Case Was Dismissed.
    He is an excellent lawyer. He has great qualifications. I would recommend him to anyone. I had a case that was going to send me to jail, but in the long run, he fought for me to stay out of jail, and my case was dismissed.

    - Cynthia

  • I Finally Feel Like I Got My Fair Chance.
    Parag was amazing. I had an issue with a customer who refused to pay me for an event they hosted at my restaurant. I talked to another person who charged me but didn't get anything for me. Then I talked to Parag. As a small business with limited money, he told me to file in small claims court while he acted as my advisor. He took care of all the service of process and filings so I didn't have to worry about anything. And, by acting as an advisor in small claims instead of a full-service retainer, he also saved me money. With his advise, I was able to win my case. After I won, he took care of the collections process too. I got over $4,500, but more importantly, I finally felt like I got my fair chance.

    - Raju

  • I Was Lucky to Have Him As My Attorney.
    He was friendly and was talking to a lot of people and I was lucky to have him as my attorney. I was going to take a deal but he kept me there to fight and thank God I did because he got me the best deal I could possibly get no money and the basic infraction. Thank you.

    - James

  • I Would Definitely Recommend Mr. Shah.
    Mr. Shah kept me posted on all updates with my son’s case. He also provided me with prompt answers when i had questions. I am so happy we hired a good lawyer. I would definitely recommend Mr. Shah to any family member or friend that needs legal help.

    - Rosario